Financial Advisors…Are You Tired of Being on a Plateau?

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Sep 17

I’m so excited to announce my latest creation:

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I’ve been a financial advisor/planner myself. I currently specialize in helping financial advsiors leverage social media and online marketing to grow their practices. Because of my expertise, Bloomberg Press asked me to co-author “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors.”

Chances are, you’re like most advisors who aren’t sure if they really need to change how they’re marketing their practice and where to start if they believe they do need to start to change. The industry magazines are fueling that indecision because one day they publish an article touting new media as a must do (many of which I’ve been quoted in) and the next an article telling advisors to stick to what’s worked. So, what’s an advisor to do?

All you have to do is look around to know that social media, video, and mobile communications have fundamentally changed how we communicate with each other and how we consume information before taking action. While the degree of adoption is generational, the Boomers are embracing the technology because that’s where the grand kids are. As they become more acclimated, it too will become more of the norm for them.

Yes, your traditional marketing techniques will still be fruitful for the next few years, but every day, they become less and less effective. If you’re planning on closing up shop in the next 5 years and you’re happy with the success of your business, then don’t change. HOWEVER, if you want your practice to be in existence in 10 years whether you’re in it or not, then you need to start laying the groundwork today. AND Advisor Accelerator is here to help you.

Branding hasn’t been a concept that has been heavily discussed in the industry and that’s because the big brands don’t want the individual advisors to have a brand separate from them (but we know the successful advisors do!). It’s interesting that the independents haven’t really embraced the concept of brand development either – beyond pushing the concept of being independent of bias and acting as fiduciaries.

Brand is the foundation of everything and includes 3 important components: clear identification of a discernible target market, visual imagery (more important today than every before), and key messaging. Some of you may not be able to control the visual side of things, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still develop a brand in terms of target market and message.

Brand drives all of your marketing and advertising and communications strategies; it makes the decisions about what to do very easy when you know what your brand is. It even drives how you position yourself right here on LinkedIn!

Differentiation is the key to branding. The number one thing that affluent investors complain about when trying to choose an advisor is that all advisors say the same thing and make the same promises. Even if they are all genuine in really caring about their clients and doing what is in their best interest, how are potential clients supposed to decide who to work with? You need differentiate yourself beyond what is common to all good financial advisors if you want to attract the clients you want to work with the most.

That’s where Advisor Accelerator starts!

Our inaugural Advisor Accelerator will take place on Friday, September 25th in downtown Covington/Cincinnati. We will cover: visual branding, message branding and target market identification, developing the story, your website and internet marketing, and in person and online networking. The sessions will cover not only how to do these things effectively, BUT COMPLIANTLY!

We won’t just be talking at you; we will be working with you to help you develop your personal Action Plan, so that you know what to do when you walk out the door. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to accelerate your business to a new level of success.

Register by September 20th and you will receive a personal assessment with custom guidance from all 6 experts. This bonus is valued at $1500! All for the price tag of $47. 

To Register and get More Information, go to:

If you’re interested in Advisor Accelerator coming to your market, go to my profile and send me a free InMail and we’ll add your city to the list of future events.

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