Key Stats for Financial Advisors Using Social Media

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May 22
  • 74% of affluent people aged 55-70 have 1 or more social media profiles (avg. income $249k)

  • 34% of those same people use social media specifically for personal finance and investing purposes.

  • 70% of those using social media for personal finance and investing have reallocated investments or have started or changed their relationship with investment providers

  • 5 millions High Net Worth Investors (HNW) in the U.S. and Canada actively using social media to help them with their financial decisions ($100,000 or more in investible assets)

  • 87% of HNW investors with advisors are using social media with 69% being active on LinkedIn

  • 73% of HNW investors are using LinkedIn; 29% are using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ combined

  • Half of HNW investors who are active on LinkedIn are unadvised (1.825 million in U.S. & Canada)

  • Investors who currently interact with their advisor via social media = 4%; Investors who would interact with their advisor via social media = 52%

  • 62% Advisors actively using LinkedIn to find new clients acquired 1 or more; 32% had increase of $1 million+ in assets under management from new clients

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